05 September, 2014

You Don't Say

Last night on the Kelly File, Megan showed this clip of George W. Bush from 2007. He was speaking prophetically as he nailed it right down the line. 

Barack Obama, of course won the White House that year, running on a three point platform, 1) Hope and Change, 2) End the War in Iraq, and 3) I'm Black.  We could debate as to why he won, but suffice it to say that by and large it was  because of the way most liberal minds work. It took me awhile to figure it out, but I've finally got it. Liberals hear something that sounds good... and they run with it, without considering the cost or the final outcome. Take for example Obama's clearly stated plan which he spoke of often while he was yet a Senator. He wanted to "go green" and was going to force that upon the nation. One of his plans was to enact Cap and Trade limits and penalties which in his own words would cause utility prices in America to "necessarily skyrocket."  His idea was if it costs 5 times as much, people would use less energy. He said the exact same thing concerning gasoline prices. That mindset settled in over this nation when Obama said, "I will end the war in Iraq." Bush warned liberals to not be hasty in pulling out the troops. (See the video above.) But liberals don't think ahead, nor consider the cost or the outcome. So... here we are 7 years later with a world wide crisis on our hands with ISIS as they seek to bring chaos around the world. (You have to understand Muslim teaching to get what they are going for. That is for another day.)  This could and should have been averted... and would have been... if POTUS Obama could have gotten over his own arrogance and actually taken advice. But no... here we sit with an Iraq that is FAR worse than it was prior to the war, a middle east where millions of innocent people are being slaughtered because they are not radical Muslims and right now these crazy people have 11 commercial jets which they have stolen, just waiting to unleash them in an act of terrorism. This problem can be traced to one man... who SHOULD be sitting in the Oval Office right now, but he is probably on a golf course somewhere. 

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