09 September, 2014

Just Reminiscing

I was digging in my closet this afternoon and I found this poem my daughter wrote for one of her classes and I just had to share it.  She called it:

My First Love

I've been told the worst part of flying is landing.
I've found this not to be true.
Seventeen- more than a magazine
More than an age
It's the gateway to adulthood.

Daddy used to toss me up in the air so playfully.
I'd always land so I could be tossed again.
This time I don't think I'll be landing soon
and it won't be Daddy catching me if I do.

See Daddy, you threw me really high this time
So high...
But I know why
You want me to really know 
what it means to fly.

See, the worst part of flying isn't the landing
It's knowing I won't land in those same arms 
I've come to love
As I begin my journey...
Here's to
My First Love

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