14 September, 2014

I Miss Our Time Together

One of the greatest joys of my life is being a daddy. Both my kids are unique and special. They are as different as night and day, and raising them was too. I was afforded something that a lot of dads are not lucky enough to have. Being a pastor, my schedule is more flexible than others. Yes, it is true that at times, being a pastor causes stress on the family because of times when we are called away from special events or just an evening with our family. But at the other end of the spectrum, there is the flexibility. When my kids were little, I was able to at times take an hour or two off to take Daniel to A&W to get a hot dog and a root beer. He loved those times, as did I. Sometimes we'd go fishing, or as he got older go out and play catch or shoot some hoops or play video games. Ashley came along and she was different in that she did not care what we did, so so we spent time together. We'd go for walks, or she'd get the biggest kick out of me watching her dance, or show me how she'd learned to do a cart wheel or stand on her hands. She loved to go for rides in my truck and she loved singing together. We got to where we'd schedule "daddy/Ashley days" that were set aside just for us. As she grew up, those days grew fewer and farther in between, but she'd still walk into my office from time to time and announce, "We need a daddy/Ashley day." I loved hearing those words. Daniel had a different agenda, but we always found ways to spend time together as well. In his later teen years he'd come ask if we could go to Inn Keepers and have a cup of coffee and talk. I always loved spending time with my kids. They are such a joy to my heart. But those days are much fewer and further apart now days. Daniel lives and works in Peoria, and Ashley lives 3 hours away going to school and working. We talk on the phone pretty well every day, sometimes several times a day... but it's just not the same. I don't get to see either of them all that much any more... and I miss the time we had to spend together.  

I was thinking tonight about how things have changed as they've grown up and become busy with their own lives, and it hit me that for a lot of people, they've become so busy that they no longer spend time with their Heavenly Father. They always plan to make time, but they just don't get around to it. Life is just too busy. This is one of the worst traps we can fall into. Time with the Father is crucial to our relationship. It takes effort and planning. If you "try to make time to pray" you can pretty well bank on the fact that it won't happen. I try to teach people that it is a good idea to plan time for God. Just as Ashley and I planned "daddy/Ashley" days, we also need to plan out time to be with God. Speaking for myself, I plan appointments with God. Times that are set aside for me to just spend time with Him. When I do this, I turn off my phone, and lock the door. Nothing interferes with my time with God. I've actually had people get angry because they came by the church or my house, saw my car and I did not answer the door or the phone. While I don't purposely want to make anyone made, my time with God is that important that I will not break that appointment. I figure I'm going to be talking with GOD! Creator of all that is. Nothing trumps that appointment. 

I'm sitting here thinking about this, and I wonder if God is sometimes calling out, "I miss our time together"?

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