06 August, 2014

Unteachable Is a Dangerous Way to Live

A few days ago I was speaking to someone who wanted to know my Biblical belief's about certain subjects. He would fire off a question and I would answer. On most things we agreed. There were some areas were we differed, but these were on minor issues that really are not earth shaking or issues that mattered in the grand scheme of things. But then he asked me about a topic and as I answered he cut me off and sharply said, "you are wrong!" I asked him how I was wrong and he said that he stood on one particular verse of scripture. I told him that that verse really did not say what he was trying to make it say and then gave him 4 other passages that supported my belief. He again said that he stood on that one verse. I asked him how he would explain the verses I quoted and he responded that he did not want to discuss those verses, he was standing on his one verse. I tried to explain that this was how people fell into error and began to expound on how the verse he quoted, when used in conjunction with the verses I was quoting fully supported my stand and told him this was why we are to take the whole Bible, rightly divided to build foundation for the formation of what we believe. He said, "you might as well stop right here, because nothing you or anyone else could ever say would change the way I believe." I told him that this was not ME saying anything, rather it was the Word of God saying it. He again said that nothing would change his mind.
That is very dangerous. 

My purpose for righting is not to bash on the man. No one else even knows who I was speaking to, or what the topic was, and I doubt seriously he ever reads my blog. My purpose for mentioning this is to serve as a warning to others. We need to know what we believe and why. And when we do form our beliefs, NEVER build your belief system on one verse of scripture without other verses to support and substantiate that belief. Any verse or passage of scripture used as a stand alone or out of context can be twisted and used to build a false doctrine. 

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