17 August, 2014

It's Been One of THOSE Weeks

This past Monday was just awful and I made a post on facebook saying something like, "Days like today only prove that Murphy's Law is true. I figured the rest of the week had to get better. It didn't.   My computer crashed and died leaving me in a bad spot because I had a families photos and photos from a wedding that were due this week and I could not get them done. We apparently had a bad power surge, bad enough that it blew out my surge protector/power back up, blew the computer and the monitor. I ordered a new one. The computer came Thursday, the monitor still has not arrived. (NOT a happy camper!) My church was also broken into this week, the 7th time we've been broken into in the 10 years I've pastored here. The alarm system scared them off without getting anything out of the building, but they tore up a door getting in. Several other issues came up this week that I won't even go into. All the stress and strife over the whole thing in Ferguson, MO has had me on edge. This is my home area. I grew up across the river and used to date a girl that lived literally right around the corner from where this shooting took place. Enough... suffice it to say that it was simply an awful week. The good news is that we had a fantastic service at church today, and I am believing this week is going to be great.

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