14 May, 2014

We Should Know Better

Sometimes we just need to come clean and admit that we made our own mess and that we knew better, but did the wrong thing anyway. As a case in point, take a look at Saul.  He had been chosen and anointed as the first king of Israel. He a long reign, lasting forty-two years.  We would have to say that these were some pretty tumultuous years, mostly because of the choices Saul made and his failure to walk out a consistent and obedient life before the Lord. At the end of his days we find Saul being wounded in battle while fleeing from the Philistines. He was afraid of what they might do to him if they captured him, so he decides to take his own life by falling on his sword.

This is such a sad end to Saul's story. Even sadder is the fact that it did not have to end that way. Saul died because he was unfaithful to the Lord. Repeatedly he did not walk in obedience and he failed to keep the word of the Lord. The Bible tells us that he even went so far as to consult a medium for guidance rather than heed the Word of God over his life.

Saul was without excuse. He knew full well the history of his people. He knew the stories of Gods faithfulness to his people. He knew better than to turn to anyone but the Lord for guidance, but he did it anyway. He disobeyed and, as a result, lost his kingdom and his life.

I have to wonder about Saul and the choices he made. Was it due to a lack of faith... or it was that he was too impatient, that he did not want to wait on God's timing? Whatever the reason, it caused Saul to go to other sources for guidance, thus turning his back completely on God.  I wonder... did he think he would not like what the Lord told him to do? Or was it that he was too full of pride? Or possibly it was the influence of others and he chose to go their way? Whatever the cause or reason, Saul most certainly should have known better, and it cost him everything to go his own way and disobey God.
I realize as I write this that you and I must be careful, or we too can fall into the trap of going to another source for guidance. Let's be honest... How many of us know deep down what the right thing is to do, and still we seek out the opinion and guidance of others? Usually we will keep seeking until we find someone who agrees with us to do what it is that we really want to do, and we will use the justification that someone agrees with us to do that thing... when deep down, we know better.

Saul should have know better.... And so should we.

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