02 May, 2014

Sorry, Wrong Number

This morning, my phone rings and it is a woman who has dialed the wrong number. She just insists that I'm joking but finally hangs up. 15 seconds later, the phone rings again. Same woman. A few seconds later she calls again. She is adamant that this is the number to reach Paul and tells me I need to quit playing around. Now, I'm being as nice as I can to tell her that she has the wrong number, but she's getting a little nasty with me and I tell her that she is calling the wrong number and she needs to check the number she is dialing. She hangs up and sure enough, a minute later, it rings again, same number calling, but I answered it anyway. She asks to speak to Jennessa. (sp?) I told her she had the wrong number. She is getting really angry now and demands to know who this is and where are Paul and Jennessa? I said, "I'm guessing they are probably at their house, but you are calling the wrong number."  She slams the phone down and like 15 seconds later she calls again. When I answered she screams, "Mister, I don't know who you are but you need to stop answering their phone because I need to speak to Paul!" I told her that if she would just check the number she was dialing she'd find out she has the wrong number and I'm quite sure Paul and Jenessa would like to speak to her as well. She said, "So you know them! Why are you at their house?" I told her that she was dialing the wrong number, that this was not their house and that she needed to try another number. She said, "But this is their number!" I assured her that it was not and hung up.  

Finally... the phone stops ringing and  I figure that she has either given up or found the right number. Five minutes later, the phone rings and sure enough, it's her again. I started not to answer, but I did, thinking that she was just going to keep calling. When I answered, she screams, "Why are you doing this? Have you done something to Paul and Jennessa?"  I calmly said, "Listen Dorothy, (her name was coming up on caller ID), I know you are worried, but I'm telling you, you are dialing the wrong number.  She said "But I'm hitting the redial button, so it has to be the right number!"  I asked her, "Dorothy, the first time you called me today, did you dial that number yourself?"  She said, "No, I'm hitting the button marked "Paul" on my phone.  So I asked her, when she had put that number in her phone and who had done it. She acknowledged that she had put that number into her phone just this morning. I asked her if she had that phone number written down somewhere, and she said that it was on a piece of paper that on her table. I asked her if she would get that paper. She did, and I asked her if she would mind reading that number to me. She said, I guess I can, but I don't know why you are being so much trouble. So, she read the number to me and she had two numbers inverted. When I explained that to her, she again said, "But I'm hitting the button on my phone!" I said, "Dorothy... I know you are frustrated, but what you need to do is erase than number from your phone and try putting it in again because when you put it in you have a couple of numbers reversed."  It took me a couple more minutes of repeating it, but she finally agreed that she would try.  It's been about 25 minutes now and she's not called back, so hopefully she has it figured out... but I'm not going to hold my breath.   

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