27 March, 2014

Those Who Forget the Past...

The past few weeks I've sat and watched the events unfolding in Russia and the Ukraine with great interest. I find myself in utter amazement that our President has been so weak in his response to these events, but it is much more than a White House problem. This problem lies in the homes of every American. We are seeing the rise of a ruthless dictator that is eerily similar to that of another some 70 years ago... none other than Adolf Hitler. But what has me so greatly troubled is that the vast majority of Americans seem deaf and blind to what is happening in the Ukraine, just as they did as Hitler grew in strength and power. In the 1930's and early 40's America was pretty much silent and ignored what was unfolding in Europe, as if it did not effect us in any way... until it did. I fear we are seeing a repeat unfolding live on the world's stage and once again, America is asleep, more caught up in March Madness, the disappearance of a jet and what we are going to eat tonight for supper... and we don't realize that we are seeing something not only historic but down right prophetic unfolding. Meanwhile, the madman we have sitting at the helm of control of our nation is running all over Europe boasting that we are making ourselves weaker by cutting our military, destroying missiles and war heads, closing bases and asking the world to sit down and sing "kumbaya" with us. The world is laughing. Russia is flexing her muscles and right now building up forces that have already been picked up on satellite as they are readying to invade the Ukraine. Iran is mocking the US and our President as they rush toward nuclear capability. Our media here is absolutely silent while the media in the U.K. and Germany and other European countries are wondering out loud what is wrong with America and just how much we will tolerate. There is a saying, "What you tolerate will dominate." The people of America need to shake themselves and awaken from their slumber, because we are headed down a steep and slippery slope toward World War III.

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