14 November, 2013

My Ears Must Have Been Red

I know I'm not the only one, but man, sometimes it is so difficult to bite my tongue. I was in a shoe store here in town a couple of hours ago and this woman was screaming at her kid, calling him names, cussing at him and threatening him with bodily harm. (Use your imagination and you'll get it.) This kid was like, maybe 3 years old and she left him over by the candy and stuff while she "shopped" and talked on her cell phone.  No exaggerating, for like 12-15 minutes it was a string of foul words coming out of her mouth verbally assaulting and abusing this kid because he was asking for a piece of candy and "taking her time."

For one, I'm thinking, "you left him in front of the candy, and you are upset because he asked for a piece?"  Secondly, I was getting more and more angry as she belittled and called him worthless and so on. I mean, is it this little guys fault that he was born to this woman? She is the one who chose to have sex and have a baby, but she railed at how he was "f-ing up her life" with all his demands." She complained that she could not talk on the phone because of him and then she said, "I wish I never had you!"  Smoke must have been coming out of my ears because the young lady working in the store came over and took me by the hand and asked me not to do or say anything. I really wanted to say something, because her abuse was some of the most severe I've ever heard in a public place like this. She left the store, literally dragging the kid behind her as I was checking out and you could hear her screaming at him all the way to the car. It was just heart breaking. You wonder how this kid is going to turn out in life. I mean, if the abuse is this bad in public, can you imagine what it is like in private? 

Some people just don't need kids. I pray that little boy finds the love he deserves somewhere, because he sure is not getting it from her.

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