06 November, 2013

I'm Sorry, Ashley

I've had one of those mornings where I have not been able to get anything done that I planned on accomplishing today. I know, it's only a few minutes after 11:00 as I type this, but the fact is, that in more than 5 hours since I got up this morning, the only thing I've actually accomplished was making a pot of coffee, throwing in one load of laundry and getting my shower. Other than that, I've spent the entire morning on the phone. I've already had 6 phone conversations, and I have two others that I need to return calls to as these folks called while I was on the phone with others, and then I need to return a call to my daughter to apologize for being so short with her when she called because I was feeling pressured to get things done and I'd already spent more than 2 hours on the phone at that time. I just realized that I pushed aside my little girl, and to me, that is unacceptable. There is nothing so important in this life that I don't have time for my baby girl, so Ashley, if I have not gotten in touch with you yet and you read this, please forgive me for not taking the time for you this morning. You mean more than life to me, and I made you a promise long ago that I'll always make time for you. I failed today, and I'm sorry, and I hope you will forgive me.  Yes, there are times I may only have a few minutes, but today I should have made time for you. 

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