16 September, 2013

"Some Women Don't Need a Man in Their Life"

OK, before you single women get ready to stone me, hear me out first. I was in a church service yesterday and heard Pastor Green make the statement, "Some women just don't need a man in their lives." He went on to say that some women go out seeking a man (to be fair, this could go the opposite way too) and they find a man who is not a Christian, thinking they are going to change him. He added, "Isn't it amazing that the first thing that changes is that she stops coming to church?" He is absolutely right! I've seen it over and over and over again. He went on, "You think you are going to change that man when the first thing you show him is that you are not consistent with your walk with God, that he can get you to drink, to hang out in bars and to sleep with him? You are an idiot! And your walk with God is a total sham and everyone knows it but you!"
Powerful words Pastor Green. I'm sure you made some people mad... but you are spot on with this!

Ladies, you will never get a man to follow you toward God if you are following that man AWAY from God. Get ready for another heartache and setback! Until God becomes number one in your life, you will never influence that man to change his ways!

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anna may said...

Absolutely true! I have been there and done it, and now I am living alone and love it because Jesus is now my one Love. Until God proves to me a man can be a true Christian, I say "no Thanks"