05 August, 2013

I HATE Meth!!!

Lord knows that I certainly am not perfect, and that I have more than my share of stupid behavior with drugs and booze and reckless living; but I honestly can't quite wrap my brain around how anyone with an ounce of sense could ever even be tempted to put into their body something that is made with drain cleaner, battery acid and anhydrous ammonia. I mean... SERIOUSLY... what would possess someone to do this? I understand addictions... believe me, I do. But why would someone ever even START using this stuff? But yet the problem grows and grows and we are seeing lives that are trashed by this insidious drug littering the landscape of the country. I know way too many of these people personally. I've watched this drug destroy the lives of so many people that I love and I cannot even begin to express how much I hate this drug. Just tonight I found out that two friends of mine who I thought were sober have become addicted to meth and they are going to die from this if something does not give and soon. I'm heart broken... but I'm also mad! I mean MAD!!! I know first and foremost we have to lay the blame for this at the feet of Satan. But I'm also mad at these people who make it. I'm absolutely convinced that the only way they will ever get this epidemic under control is to start leveling some severe punishment to anyone caught making or selling it. I'd be all for 1st offence, automatic 15 years in prison period. No deals or probation or early release. Second offense 30 years. This is the only way you are going to curb this, to go after the makers and sellers. Maybe even harsh sentencing for users. I know many won't agree, but this epidemic is getting so far out of control that if we don't act soon, we are going to have millions of addicts whose lives are beyond saving. (Not meant spiritually, but physically) I've seen people in their early 20's so strung out that they look older than me, with teeth rotting out, hair falling out and sores all over their bodies. 

I hate this drug. We need a lot of people to get mad and demand that something be done.

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