31 July, 2013

Word to Cardinal Nation.. CHILL OUT!

I have a huge problem with the modern day sports fan. They are about as fickle as they come. If you are a fan of your team, the you are a fan, not a detractor or official critic of the team, and you don't trade jerseys every year. A FAN stays true no matter what. Got to hand it to the Cubs fans here, because they get this. The younger generation of so called fans of the Saint Louis Cardinals makes me so mad I want to puke. When we are on a wave, they they are the best team, best owners and best managerial staff in baseball. Hit a slump and they are screaming for heads and ready to give up on their team. You punks would not know the meaning of the word "fan" if it were tattooed to your forehead. I had someone jump my case online earlier today because they were screaming, "Trade Lynn! Trade Kozma! Dump Holliday!" Oh, for god's sake, just shut up and go root for the Yankees! I wish we could give an IQ test before you were allowed to be a Cardinal's fan, for that would get rid of the bunch on whiny butt idiots who post online about how bad the Cardinals are. Hey, I got an idea! Since they are so bad why don't you guys turn in your notice about being fans and go root for the Giants. That would be a good place for you whiny folks. Please, just go away!  In just a bit, maybe today... maybe tomorrow... maybe next week the Cards will rise from the ashes and devour the league again, and idiots like you don't deserve the right to suddenly be their fans again. The Cards are one of, if not the best team in all of sports and we don't need fans like you. I know all you'll do is whine and attack me now... but that's ok, I'm big boy who can handle it. I've rode with the Cardinals since I first became a fan in 1963. I rode the lean years when most of you whiny one's were not even alive yet, so trust me, your whining is not going to sway my loyalty for one second. Pony up and be a real fan... or go away. 

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