14 June, 2013

Keeping Life In Perspective

I was talking with my wife this morning about our need to keep things in perspective. She is going through something right now that has upset her greatly, and I completely understand why. But as I told her, "cry, get angry, stop, spit and do what you are going to do... then let's have a good day." My point being that this is not life or death, is not going to greatly affect life and will get better. See it for what it is... a pothole in the road.  Now my point is not to criticize my wife. Trust me, I understand why she is upset. Rather, I just wanted to remind everyone that we need to look at everything in life from the right perspective. Two weeks ago I officiated a wedding for a couple who had planned a beautiful wedding outside by a lake at sunset. I was going to be picture perfect. Mother nature did not see it that way. It rained all day and the temperature dropped to around 50 degrees, and we had to move her ceremony into a barn. I felt just awful for her. But when I arrived, she was smiling and happy and I heard her say to her mother, "today, I'm marrying my best friend and we are going to spend our lives together. That's all that matters to me." Lori looked beyond the temporary and saw the big picture. I say these words often to people: "Happiness is a choice." We all have those moments, events and happenings in our life upset us, that knock us off our feet at times and we have every right to get upset. But how deep and how long we allow that to affect us... that depends on your perspective. I choose to look at the big picture. If you've been around me long at all, you've heard these words, "It'll be all right!"

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