10 May, 2013

What's Wrong With Our Society Today?

Yesterday afternoon my daughter and I needed to run to Walmart to get some things to make dinner. As I started down the produce aisle, a little girl came around the corner on a bicycle, almost hitting me. She doesn't say a word, just takes off again as if nothing had happened. Over and over again I saw this girl riding her bike and people just shaking their heads. She was flying up and down the aisles and locking up the brakes and sliding sideways. I'm not exaggerating, she almost hit me 5 times. But the one that takes the cake, is  that when we got back by the milk, she slides the bike side ways, crashing into a rack and knocking several things off the rack. A woman, who it turns out was her mother, said to her, "You need to be careful or you are going to get hurt."   I was stunned! I was like, how about telling her to get off the stupid bike! I cannot believe any parent would allow such behavior. I can just imagine what this little angel is like in school! The girl took off again, and as she did, she bumped a woman's cart, nearly knocking over the woman standing beside it. Still not a word. To make matters worse, I watched as this kid rode the bike past employee after employee, and no one said a word. Later I was talking with someone I know who works there and told her about this and she said that it happens all the time and they are not allowed to say anything to her because one time an employee stopped her and the mother threatened a law suit for discrimination and threatened to have the employee arrested for touching her child. He apparently grabbed the bike and the girl started screaming. So, because a woman screams discrimination and threatens to call the police, they allow everyone else in the store to be at risk? Makes perfect sense to me.

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