17 May, 2013

Do you have your "place"?

No deep thoughts or opinions today, just wondering out loud, if you will how many people are like me in that they have a certain place(s) that they go to to chill or relax, pray or whatever.  For me, it has always been water. Be it a lake, river or ocean, it seems like no matter what is going on in my life, I am at my best, my calmest and most reflective when I get on or near the water. My favorite is the ocean. My idea of the "perfect" vacation is to take me to the ocean and leave me alone. I can go and sit for hours just watching and listening to the ocean. One of my most favorite sites in this life is to sit on the beach at night and watch a storm come in off the ocean. Call me whack, but sitting on that beach, all stress and worries of life diminish and fade away. When I can't get to the ocean, the river or lake will do. I seem to think more clearly and allow the pressures of life to fall from my shoulders anytime I'm at the water just chilling. It's my favorite place to pray as well. I frequently "get lost" and don't answer my phone because I've escaped to the lake to walk and pray. But again, the ocean is my spot. Call me crazy, but for some reason I just seem to be able to get lost in God and to hear his voice much more clearly sitting or walking on the beach than anywhere else. I don't really understand why, these things just are in my life. 

So, today I was in Peoria very early and went for a walk up and down the riverfront area and just enjoyed my time with God, and afterward, as I was heading back to my van, I found myself wondering if anyone else is like this? I'm curious if others of you have your "spot" or place where you just get lost, find peace and rest or, like me, seem to hear from God better. If you'd be so kind, leave a comment and let me know.

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