28 May, 2013

Albert Who?

For you Cardinal fans...
About 16 months ago, most of us in Cardinal nation were either angry, depressed or somewhere bouncing between those two emotions as our own Albert Pujols turned his back on Saint Louis and bolted for the West Coast. It was like the ultimate slap in the face to loyal Cards fans. 

Well, fast forward to May 30, 2013... 
Thursday night, a young pitcher with star power written all over him will make his major league debut less than 12 months after being drafted in the first round by the Cardinals last Spring. But here's the "rest of the story" in case you don't know. The only reason we had that first round draft pick was because Pujols left us via free agency which gave the Cardinals a first round pick as compensation for losing him. Meanwhile, Pujols has been sub par and is no longer even mentioned as one of the best players in baseball. In fact, he is not even in the top 3 players on his own team. Watching him walk away with his bloated contract was a major blessing hidden in disguise. Thank you Albert for getting greedy and paving the way for the youth movement in Saint Louis and for allowing us to draft Michael Wacha. I was grieved then, but man am I ever thankful today that you chose to be an Angel.

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