10 April, 2013

An Open Letter to My Friend

Last night I posted the picture that appears to the right on my Facebook page and a friend of mine since we were just kids was apparently offended at it. My friend happens to be gay. I chose to respond in this manner. My friend knows who they are. But I can address my stand this way and answer his, as well as my other critics at the same time by writing an open letter to my friend.

Dear (you know who you are),
I really am sorry that you were offended by my post. That was not and is not my intention. I was in fact making a statement to my fellow Christians, not only on the issue of same sex marriage, but on countless issues, we (the church) are dropping the ball. We are supposed to impact our world with the un-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. Yet, we have given ground and allowed the world to shake and change us, rather than us be the earth shakers. In the Book of Acts, chapter 17 they said of the Christians, "These who have turned the world upside down have come here also!" The church was upsetting the world system, not the world upsetting the church system. So my message with this thought was to the church that me must stand on the Word of God, not the wave of popular opinion.

My friend, you know very well that we disagree, and yet we remain friends.  The fact is, I have many friends who are gay, and they all know that I do not agree with their life choices, still I love them, just as I love you. I wish for and long for in my heart that you and I did agree, because to me, it is of eternal consequence. This can be a source of contention, not only with me and you, but with many others who have varying opinions, but I ask just for a moment that you hear me out and understand where I am coming from. The gay community demands that we change our minds... but the fact is, it is not my mind that would need to change. It would be God's Word.  My friend, let me ask you; would you consider me a friend if I knew that you were getting ready to eat something that would kill you? Or suppose I knew that if you opened a door there was a killer on the other side who was most definitely going to kill you. Would you consider me a friend if I did not warn you? Well, this is that urgent to me. I know that there is danger ahead. I'm not judging you... that is not my place. But God's Word is exactly that "God's Word." It's not my word or opinion. It is not "religions" ideas. It is the God breathed and given Word of God and there are clear warnings. Again, you can do with that warning whatever you choose to do, but please don't act like I don't care or love you because I'm warning you that the bridge is out ahead. A true friend would warn someone they cared about. I've never once bashed you or put you down for your life. I love you too much to do such a thing, so please don't take my concern and warning as an offensive gesture... please see it as the act of love that it is. You (as well as anyone else) can think that I'm wrong and do what you want, but please don't belittle me for standing up for my convictions and beliefs. If I compromise those convictions for anyone or anything, then everything I am, believe and live is for naught. 

You've been my friend for more years than I care to even really admit. (Are we really that old?) Please, search your heart and ask yourself just why I would risk that friendship if it were merely something that was a matter of choice? I take that risk because it is important, and I love you enough to risk losing your friendship by being real with you.

God speed my friend.

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