09 March, 2013

Life Lessons

Today's entry was written by my dear friend and brother in Christ, Harold Miller.
Thank you for allowing me to share Harold!

I understand the quills of a porcupine have a very painful sting when they are inserted into and animal or a human and are very hard to remove. I have never allowed myself to get close enough to experience this type of pain. I have learned there are things a person should just stay away from and I know this is one of them without having to experience the sting of the porcupine’s wrath first hand. I did learn first hand that it is not a good idea to scare a skunk. The end result is a smell that can ruin clothes and is horrible to get off the skin. I have taken baths in tomato sauce to get the smell off my skin, so people could stand for me to me around them. You see a skunk tail go up you better run with everything in yourself, unless you want to suffer its wrath. A rattle snake does not want to bite you that is why it warns you with its rattles. The snake just wastes its venom on a human for it cannot eat something so large. They use their venom to kill their food. When we hear the rattle we know it is time to take a different direction quickly. 

Do we see and hear the dangers of life or do we get stuck with the quills of life? Do we get sprayed with the stench of life when we know the end result will smell to all people around us? Do we listen to the sounds of danger as life rattles at us or do we continue on having the venom inserted into our souls? Just use your best judgment when life rises up against you and you will be much better off without suffering undue circumstances. Put your trust in God following the right path and most of the decisions you make will be pain free with the knowledge added as to the things we should allow to be a part of life. Blessings. 

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