02 March, 2013

Nope, Not Even the Tiniest Chance I'm Wrong

I had a discussion with someone today who does not believe in God. He kept asking me "What if you are wrong and there is no God?"  I kept saying, "If I was wrong, so what? BUT, I'm not wrong!" He asked me, "But couldn't you agree that there is just the smallest possibility that you could be wrong?" Each time I said, "Nope... no possibility at all." He just could not accept that and kept insisting that there had to be just a small possibility that I'm wrong, but I each time, I told him that there was no way I am wrong." He asked, "Can you prove it to me?" I told him that I could not, at least not in terms that he was going to comprehend because he was bent on disproving God, and not open to any evidence to the contrary. Then I told him that my God could prove it to him if he would open himself to the possibility and ask God to reveal himself to him, that I knew that God would in fact invade and infect his life with such proof that he would never doubt again. That really set him off. He argued that I was being really stupid and hard headed and became rather insulting. So I asked him, "Now that you have met me, if someone told you that Darrell Garrett did not really exist, that someone had made him up, what would he say to them?"  This flustered him to no end and told me that I was wasting my time and energy and he walked away.

The thing is, I'm convinced. I've met God, and His Spirit lives in me. His love filled my heart and His grace and power transformed my life. No... there is ZERO possibility that I am wrong, so I'm not going to even give in to that suggestion that I might be wrong. When you know Him, how could you even entertain the idea that He does not exist? As the old song says, "You ask me how I know He lives? He lives within my soul!"

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