23 January, 2013

The Attack Begins

I received a phone call today that some Anonymous (Gut Less) person sent an email to the Church of God International offices complaining of my blog and Facebook post. They at best stretched the truth, but I'll call it what it is... they lied. They had the nerve to call me "un-Christian" when they make a backhanded, cowardly accusations against me, yet they have not once even attempted to talk to me about the things they accuse me of, even though that is exactly what the Bible says a Christian should do. I've been accused of hate speech. I've been accused of accusing the POTUS of killing 20 children. I've been accused of allowing a sexual offender to work with children in one of my previous churches. Since the person emailed anonymously, my only way to respond is right here. I welcome you to step up and do the Christian thing and call me and let's set an appointment to meet face to face and you can present your case to me and allow me to respond to you. That's what mature Christian folks are to do, so I await your phone call. I doubt very seriously I'll ever hear from you, but I hope you prove me wrong and that you have the guts and the integrity to do things the right way, not behind "Anonymous" and an email set up to cover your cowardly and carnal attack. So, the ball is in your court. You want to do the Christian thing, or you want to continue your current course of action?

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