25 January, 2013

A Dilema

Most of my readers by now know about the letter sent to the COG General Headquarters by Anon Ymous which made all kinds of accusations against me  and asked the COG to remove me from leadership. Last night I found out that another person had a anonymous letter sent to the place where they work making accusations against them as well, trying to cost the person their job. This is getting serious. This "Anon Ymous" needs to understand you are talking about people's lives and professional careers here. I've already had an IP search done and know what city the email came from and I'm having it pursued further to see if they can nail down a physical address, which my investigator thinks is most probable within a short time. I've called an attorney and asked about the situation and they have suggested I call the FBI and let them handle it from here, and then once an arrest is made, the attorney would like to file a law suit for defamation of character. I've got a good idea who this was already with the info we've got so far, and it would sure get ugly, but I've about had all I'm going to take from this person. I haven't made up my mind just yet, because once it is turned over to the feds there is no turning back, and this would hit the newspapers and God only knows how the fallout would impact my church and ministry. So, I wrestling with this decision and I would really appreciate the opinion of some of you... especially from the folks in ministry. Should I go for it or do you think this is a "turn the other cheek" moment?

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