12 December, 2012

* The Sinkhole

One day as I was driving down a road that I am quite familiar with, I notice that the something does not appear to be right with the road. I stopped my car and get out and examine the road and I suspect that by the stress and cracks in the road that there most likely is a sinkhole forming underneath. Not willing to take a chance with my family, I turn my van around and drive home another way. Not wanting to be an alarmist, or cause undo unrest, rather than mark the road, or notify others about it, I simply go home and pray that those people who might travel this same road will be safe and that those people who are in charge of the road systems will notice it and make the needed repairs before any damage is done. A few days later, I hear the news on the radio that there was in fact a sinkhole, and the road has caved in, killing several and seriously injuring many others. One man who was seriously injured and lost his wife and daughter in the sinkhole discovers that I knew about the sinkhole and did nothing and he comes to my house to confront me. "Why did you do nothing to stop this terrible tragedy?" he bellows. I respond, "Well, I'm not a road inspector, so I felt the best thing I could do was pray for the right people to make the discovery and pray for people's safety.

Pretty ridiculous... don't you think?
Yet, when I have wrote blog entries about men who are preaching and teaching a gospel that does not include the blood of Jesus, or a view of grace that excludes repentance, I am attacked for being jealous, hypocritical, judgmental... and on and on. I've been told that we "are not to judge" by those who love to follow these false teachers. I may not be what you want to call an "expert" but I do know the Word of God, and I know false and deceptive teaching when I hear it. Some of you folks would like for me to go home another way, and just pray for the man, but to do so will leave others at peril, and their blood will be on my hands.

Say what you want... I will mark the road, sound the alarm and do my best to keep others from taking a dangerous plunge. I will not be liked by all, I will be despised by some... but I can stand with clean hands and a clean heart before my God.

* This was adapted from a previous post I wrote in 2007

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