31 October, 2012

Oops! There Goes More of Our Liberty!

This past weekend a young lady who was attending Knox College lost her life in a senseless act, and I feel so much sadness for her family and friends. For those not in our area, Tundan Luwani was killed in a hit and run accident near Knox College this weekend. I'm going to come off sounding very insensitive, but so be it. Seems now all the liberal minded folks are screaming that the city make changes in the laws to make  South Street safer or the college kids. City and Knox College officials are meeting to determine how the laws can be changed to make the students safer. One of the most left wing liberal "writers" in our news paper already has an article demanding changes in the laws. In other words, what they are trying to determine is what liberties and freedoms can be stripped away from responsible citizens. People... wake up! This was one idiot! A woman who was drunk, driving without insurance in a car that was not legally registered! You can make all the laws in the world and it is not going to change what she did or what others like her will do. People like this have no regard for the law, so changing the laws will do absolutely nothing to hinder them from doing what they do. All that is going to happen is that that they take more freedoms from and put more burdens on responsible citizens! Want to make a difference? Give this woman the maximum sentence allowable under law for each count she is charged with. Publicize that information and let people know that if they are found guilty of breaking the law in Knox County, they are going to pay and pay dearly. 

Every time there is a senseless death or tragedy, people immediately want to over react and start passing new laws. It's stupid. There are laws against drunk driving, against driving without insurance or registration, yet this woman did it anyway. Does anyone think for one second that changing the laws is going to bring this young woman back or make other students safer? 99 % of those who drive South Street every day are very mindful of the college kids, as well as the senior citizens and others who live in that area. There is no need to change the laws. And for those trying to blame the police for this woman's death... get real. They cannot possible be held responsible for the behavior of a woman who chose to drink and drive. The weight of this whole situation falls on the shoulders of one woman. End of story.

Now let me open the can of worms further and if you are not mad at me yet, I guarantee I'm going to make some folks mad now. 

You can take this entire scenario and transfer it to the ignorant liberal mantra which is crying out for gun control. You can make all the laws you want to make, but those who choose to break the law will always do what they want to do. They have no regard for the law or for anyone else's rights or safety. So, as senseless as it is to start changing the laws in Galesburg to "make students safe" on South Street, when those who disregard the law will do it anyway... the same holds true with guns. When you place restriction on the people, in any situation, the only ones who you restrict are those who already abide by the laws. But laws will never have any effect in changing the behavior of those who do not respect the law.

Again, I'm deeply sorry for this woman's death and feel so much for her family and friends... but let's not over react!

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