14 September, 2012

Sad Encounter Today

I'll probably get blasted for this one, but I really don't care. Today I walked into McDonald's for lunch and while standing in line a woman who had left our church several years ago said, "Are you still here? Any reasonable man would have left a long time ago! Can't you take a hint that we don't want you here?" I just ignored her at first, but she was not going to let up. She started in naming names of people who had left the church and said, "everyone would come back to that church if you'd just get a clue and get your a-- out of town!". She then began telling other people how that there was nobody left in my church "that mattered" and how I was running the church into the ground.
I'd had enough.

I told her that I really did not want to go there with her, but since she was going to push it, let's compare notes. I said that we should look at those that she had just named, those who had left the church. I reminded her of the message that I'd preached the Sunday before all these people started to leave. In that message, I spoke about how the ship would be destroyed, but those who stayed with the ship would be saved. That said, I began to address those whom she had just named. I named one couple that she named,  and said, "I believe they ended up having serious issues and are now divorced."  Then I named another couple who got divorced. Then I said, and "your own kids...  Divorced, right? And didn't I read where xxx was arrested for DUI and possession recently? And for that matter, you appear to be intoxicated yourself right now. And how many of you guys are even going to church anymore? Seems to me that those who have stayed in the church, God has helped them and watched over them and in so many of those who opposed me and left, there is a trail of destruction left behind them. Sure seems to me that just maybe you guys might have made a big mistake!"

She became very angry and began yelling that it was my fault that all these people's lives were in ruins because I messed up their church. About that time, the manager asked her to leave the store. Ironically, one of those who had left and was now divorced was standing behind the counter working. I heard him say to a co-worker, "He's right" as he walked away. The truth can be a very sobering experience.

Let me be clear, I'm not saying that the life of everyone who has left my church is in ruins. Far from it. Some left for the right reasons. Some left due to conflict but they still left the right way. But this particular group of folks left trying to rip the church to pieces and they have reaped what they have sown. N'uff said.


Truman Smith said...

nfoped5Darrell a friend said to me once, " Many crops in a farmer's field grows better after it is weeded and/or thinned".
Many church have folk in them who hinder church growth . I have rejoiced to see the day when some folk told me they were leaving .

Jerry Thorpe said...

People leave churches for various reasons. I hate it when they blame the church or the pastor. Especially when they have backslidden into a world of sin. When they stand before God, there will be no excuses.