14 August, 2012

The Sacred Meal - (book review)

In my review for the Thomas Nelson BookSneeze.com program I am reviewing the book, The Sacred Meal by Nora Gallagher.

I must confess that I was somewhat turned off by the book at first because it was not really what I was expecting. However, that is an unfair assessment, based on my preconceived notions of the book. 
I had hoped that this was going to be more of a historical look at the Lord's Supper (or Communion) but instead found it to be the author's personal view of Communion. Still, the book was an interesting read.
While I did not personally agree with everything the way that Nora Gallagher viewed things, there were good points made for her opinions. At times in her recounting of ritualistic and man made traditions that surround communion became a bit slow and I did in fact get bored with the notions that seemed to titlate the author. 
I honestly would come to the place that I was ready to give up and  stop reading, when just about that time, she would switch directions and draw me back into the book. 
It was a challenging read, and while difficult to read, I can say it was time well spent and she did in fact cause me to examine my own thoughts on the Communion as a whole.

All in all, The Sacred Meal is worth reading. I did enjoy reading another person's opinions and observations of the Lord's Supper.  If you are looking for a historical account of the Lord's Supper, this is not the book for you, but if you are interested in reading of someone's personal observations concerning Communion, you will enjoy this book.

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