09 August, 2012

Runaway Slave

I was totally unaware of this documentary which is coming out in theaters until this morning. I wish every American would see this, especially those in the black community. I have been screaming this for years, and I've been called a racists and a bigot for doing so. The black community has GOT to open their eyes and see what has happened to them. It is a painful reality, and it will be very difficult to let go of the entitlement mentality, but as a people, the blacks will never truly be free until they recognize what the government has done to them. They have become enslaved to the government, especially to the Democratic party.

I was just explaining this to my wife about a week ago, and even though she has lived with me for 27 years, it was not until last week that she fully understood what I was saying. She was somewhat stunned when she realized what the smooth talking Democrats had  done to the black people of America. To begin with, you have to go back to the 60's and beyond. My wife was quite surprised to find that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican. Further, she was greatly surprised that to find that it was the Republicans who worked so hard for equality of all races. They led the way to civil rights, while the Democrats fought to keep the black man down. Don't simply reject what I'm saying, go back and study this out for yourselves. Don't read the school text books, for they've been written to change history. The truth shall set you free.

So, how did the switch to the Democrats come about? In the 60's, the Democrats began what we now know as our welfare system. They did it under the guise of being caring and compassionate. They began handing out checks and food stamps and free housing. What they were subtly doing is enslaving the black community to the Democratic party. They have succeeded in holding the black man down by pretending to care! Since the welfare system began, they have successfully forced the black family to fall apart. How? Because in order to receive the full benefit of welfare and food stamps, the woman had to raise her children alone. Go back and study the rate of single parents in the black community from 1960 and compare it to today. They have destroyed the family unit. And do we even want to discuss the population rate of blacks in prison from then to today? There is a direct correlation. They have doled out checks and food stamps but the catch is, if you got a job and earned too much money, they yanked their generous support out from under you. Therefore, the blacks were taught not to try to achieve success. Success is failure under the Democratic entitlement program.  Before you get mad at me, study it out. The black community is so enslaved to the Government, yet they are mostly blind to the fact. And when someone like myself points it out, we are called racists. This is why I am so glad that a group of black men have put together this documentary. They tell the story FAR better than I could. Everyone needs to see this film, no matter what ethnicity you are. You need to understand the deception that has been put upon the black community over the last 50 years. Then you need to tell someone and encourage them to study this out for themselves. This is a tragedy that has unfolded in our society, and it needs to be undone.

For information about this documentary, go here: http://www.runawayslavemovie.com/


Anonymous said...

I am not at all convinced that Democrats developed welfare to "enslave" blacks or to make them dependable Democrat voters.

While Lincoln was a Republican, as time went on, both parties began to change. The Republicans, who used to be the firebrands after the Civil War, became increasingly conservative. And the Democrats, who had been stereotypical racist politicians, began to become increasingly liberal in outlook.

The Democrats took the black vote because the Democrats (under Kennedy and Johnson) championed Civil Rights.

Ralph Abernathy, MLK's right hand man, actually tried to get blacks to vote Republican during the Nixon years. He felt that the Democrats had become complacent, failing to do more for the blacks, because the Democrats took for granted that the blacks would always vote Democrat. Of course, this gambit failed, taking with it some of Abernathy's credibility with the black community.

Does welfare "enslave"? I think it can. But I think welfare was born out of good intentions. It's not like blacks were doing fine and someone said, "Hey, we need to find a way to get them enslaved." No, blacks were terribly mistreated, discriminated against, and had limited opportunities, and there was a feeling that something ought to be done.

Welfare was probably actually born during the Depression, when people of all colors desperately needed assistance. It was right and good to do that then. FDR felt the gov't should seek to protect people from the vagaries of the market, enabling them to live reasonable lives for their entire lives.

At the same time, I do agree that a large part of black society has gotten caught up in this dependency. Yet it seems justified. The poorest among us, whether black or white, needs help. They usually have few skills, life examples, or vision to take them to the next level...and so they fall into the pit of dependency.

It's easy to tell poor blacks to pick themselves up by the bootstraps...but that doesn't create jobs...or the ability to know how to create jobs.

Moreover, the jobs they CAN get are often of the poorest sort. You and I might have an "I'll do anything" approach because of the examples that were set in our life. But what about those people who will now work 40 hours a week to do no better than they do now? Or who have not had the same motivational life examples?

Years ago, I was on unemployment for a time (a mass job layoff). At first, I would have worked part-time at McDonalds, such was my understanding of life. But then I realized that by doing so, my unemployment would be reduced by the amount I made. THUS, I would work 20 hours of the week, costing gas, time, etc., to receive no more (even less, due to payroll deductions) than I was receiving sitting at home looking for jobs on the internet.

So my "job" became looking for a job. I think I might have gotten lost in it all had I spent half or all my day doing something else. I would not have had time to search for jobs, etc.

No, that's not an inspiring story. But it's true. And if there had been no "welfare" of unemployment, I honestly don't know what would have become of us. I might very well be manning a mop at McDonalds, living far below what I am capable of, unable to have the time to obtain more and better.

Some can work through such things as that. I didn't feel I had the constitution to do so.

So, for me, welfare is a good thing...that can turn into a bad thing. I think "Runaway Slave" is pinning bad intentions on what was, I believe, the Democrats' good intentions toward those in need.

Fair enough?

Darrell said...

No, not fair enough, because you misconstrue everything I said and that is the point of Runaway Slave. He (nor I) say it is wrong to take unemployment or welfare. It is wrong to become dependent upon it. You say the Democrats "championed Civil Rights." While a few were on board, most were not. Go back and read your history. LBJ "championed" the welfare system we have, and the Democrats used it to enslave the blacks. Read this weeks headlines for goodness sake. Obama is wanting to punish whites in school to "make things fair" to the blacks who are being suspended more for their behavior. The message is not "you can do better" but, we'll pull others down so that you can remain where you are.

Your example of unemployment is good, and I believe justified and apparently your life reflects that. However, I can show you countless people who have the entitlement mentality who will and have turned down jobs because they say, "why should I work when I can make almost as much by staying at home for a year?" I know them and they've said this to me. I'm not putting down that person, rather the system that has put them into this way of thinking. This is how they have enslaved. Have you watched any of the videos? Go to Youtube and search "runaway slave" and watch them. He, and many others make a strong argument. Interestingly, it is ALWAYS a conservative black who feels this and is fighting against it, and it is ALWAYS the liberal who not only fights it, but hurls insults at those blacks who oppose their beliefs. That's the liberal way. For example, look at what just happened with Chick-fil-a. If you don't agree with a liberal, they demonize you.

Anonymous said...


Martin Luther King was not a Republican.

Darrell said...
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Darrell said...

Hate to disappoint you, but he was in fact a Republican. His son later came out saying that his father was not, but I really don't care what his son says years after the man's death. The records speak for themselves and he was a Republican.