10 May, 2012

I'm Afraid America is Doomed

Yesterday, our President did a flip flip and announced to the world that he now supports the right for same sex marriages. I won't go into all of that other than to tell people that they need to pay attention to this man and his actions. The ONLY reasons he came out with this announcement is because of the events of the past week. VP Biden backed him into a corner with his comments on gay marriage; a move which the advisers to the President admitted "angered" the President. This caused wealthy donors to the Obama campaign to publicly state that if the President did not come out in support of same sex marriages, they would with hold millions of dollars from his re-election campaign. Funny, when that happened, within a couple of days, his stance on gay marriage had "evolved" as he put it. Wake up America... he will say or do ANYTHING to get dollars and votes.

Enough on that.

The purpose of my blog today is not to discuss Obama, but rather what the reaction to his announcement has been like. I have to say that I've seen this coming for some time, still I'm heart broken with the responses I'm seeing coming from America's youth. Before I go into all this, let me take a minute to give my viewpoint, just so we are clear. I am not "anti-gay" nor a "homophobe."  I have many friends who happen to be gay. I have people who are very special in my life, and I love them, just as they are. Now understand, that does not mean that I "approve" of their lifestyle, but their choices in life does not alter my love for them as human beings. My stance is based on the Word of God, and it will not change. By comparison, I have friends who are atheist, Muslim, Hindu, (and other religions... or non-religious beliefs). I disagree with these friends completely on their stance and belief, but it does not mean they are not my friends. I'm concerned for them, and I make my view clear to them... but they are still my friends. As friends, I will not try to force my belief on them, BUT I will let them know (because I care) that I feel they are making a wrong choice that will lead to destruction. Let me put it in a way that may help the reader to understand where I am coming from.  I have a friend who I dearly love who happens to be a diabetic. This man is very overweight, and he is constantly eating and drinking things that are killing him and will destroy his life. I don't "nag" at him, but I do point out to him that he is taking years off his life and destroying the quality of his life. I get so deeply frustrated at him that at times I want to just scream at him because of what he is doing... but it is his choice. His choices are his choices, and he must live and die with those choices. But I still love my friend. Nothing will change that. I view my friends who are gay in much the same manner. It is their choice. I would not be a friend if I did not warn them clearly that according to the Bible, they are heading toward destruction of eternal consequences. But once I've warned them, I still love them. I pray for them and I try to walk out the love of Jesus Christ before them, and hope that they discover the truth of God's Word for themselves and make the decision to follow Christ. To bash and trash their choice for their life is NOT what Jesus would do. I hope that makes my stance fairly clear.

Now, on to the topic at hand...

As I said, I've seen this coming for quite some time, but last night, I saw my fears coming to light in the words of many of the young folks. Today's youth have the mindset that it is a "right" for same sex marriage. Not only that, many of them have expressed it in this manner: In America, we have the right to do what ever makes us happy, and no one has the right to stop anyone else from being happy.

Really? That is an extremely DANGEROUS position! Suppose that I am a racist (stop right there... you said I have the right to do or be anything that makes me happy.)  As a racist, it makes me happy to see  Jewish people suffer and die... so, according to what the youth are saying, I have every right to torture and kill Jewish people, and no one has the right to stop or hinder me in any way. Extreme, yes... but you see my point. Suppose someone finds pleasure and happiness in torturing dogs... you've said they have that right to their happiness. Suppose what makes me happy is stealing from others? I have that right... this is America! What about the person who really enjoys the money they make by cooking and selling Meth? Do they have that right? After all... this is America. Suppose a person finds happiness in having sex with animals... you've said this is America and in America we have the right to do anything or be anything that makes us happy. Yes... I am using extreme examples, but the point is, this is a philosophy of life that is flawed in a major way. There must be perimeters laid down. The question is, "who determines what those perimeters are?"  The young people have been indoctrinated by a liberal education system and they are now the voice of our media and are writing the text books... and to a large extent, our laws. Folks... we are in trouble!

I was recently talking to a few young people and one of them said to me, "you are too old to understand."  She went on to say that I was to absolute in my thinking. You see, for a few decades now, our schools have been teaching that there are no absolutes. These "kids" I and I were discussing the whole gay issue at the time and they could not understand how I could say that God is against homosexuality. I said, "it's in the Bible" and I showed them what God's Word says. One of them said to me, "I don't care what that says, we are living in 2012... and that is too old fashioned."  And here is the crux of our problem. These kids all attend church and all acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, but they "don't care what the Bible says" because it is too old fashioned for them. So the question is this... If we throw out the Bible, or parts of the Bible, on what standard then do we live? Who makes the rules? Who sets the perimeters? The answer is scary. The rules change to fit the situation. When we reach that place, the boundaries no longer exist, because we all have the right to set our own set of boundaries... and if my boundaries cross over your boundaries, then you are intolerant and your way of thinking is obsolete, and you must get out of the way because you are infringing on my right to be happy.

This is exactly how our young people today think, and when a nation begins to think this way, society rapidly spirals out of control because there are no absolutes, no rules for society and a nation cannot survive in that manner. I hate to say it, but short of a spiritual awakening in this nation, America is doomed to fail.


Jim Martin said...

We are living in a society of relativism. "It might be wrong for you, but not for me."
If that is really true, then Hitler was perfectly correct in what he did and slave owners were correct in what they were doing.
Why? Because it was right for them.
See, relativism doesn't work. There are absolutes. Nations of the world can change their laws with a single collection of votes. God's Word is settled in heaven. But the current mindset is, "I don't care what the Bible says, this is what I believe."
If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?

Josh Merreighn said...

I understand all of the above viewpoints and agree, but beside all of this one major concern I have is that I view this in much the same way as I do racism today! If I talk about reverse racism because of the past attrocities that has happened I am now a racist because I am a white male. Even though I disagree with what happened in the past we are heading in the wrong direction with affirmative action and so forth! In much the same way I am a heterosexual white male christian so therefore my opinions are automatically wrote off to a prejudice! Which I am neither prejudist nor racist but if you disagree with the minority on any subject today you are type cast as these things! God help us ALL!

Anonymous said...

In regards to the bible:
It is NOT the 'word of GOD'. It is the word of men. Ignorant, primitive, goat herding barbarians; fearful mysoginistic xenophobic serial pedophiles; murderous savages and slave owners, politically motivated self serving MEN.

The youth of today were abandoned, nigh-wholesale, by the two generations which preceded them. They were left to raise, educate and protect themselves and each other (globally thanks to the internet). They are very bullshit savvy and guarded/wary of 'authority' and deservedly so.

Darrell said...

Yeah, the Bible speaks about you and your comrades, "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools."