25 April, 2012

Sometimes I Just Can't Help It

If you know me at all, you know that I have an ornery streak running through me and sometimes I just can't contain it. Well, before I go there, let's set the stage. You know how it is when there is someone in your life that for what ever reason, they just don't like you? We all have that person, maybe more than one, that they just can't stand you... but when they come around, they act all nicey-nice and turn on that sickening sweetness that just makes you want to puke. I mean you know that they are trying to cover up for the fact that deep down inside, they don't like you... but they don't have the integrity within them to just admit it and move on. I mean seriously, if you don't like someone, just turn the page and be done with it. But not these folks, they hang around, always talking about you behind your back, always trying to turn others against you, always wishing bad things upon your life, but when they see you, it's, "Oh Pastor D... it's so nice to see you! I've been praying for you and hoping things are going well for you..." And you know good and well that if a word came from their lips in prayer, it was a selfish tirade where they asked God to bring down fire from heaven upon you. I'll just say it... I HATE phony people!

Well, there are several people around town who are really like that, and it's funny how they seem obsessed with me. I mean, if you don't like me, just move on and quit watching me, quit trying to lay snares for me and try getting a life for yourself. But for some reason they can't. I mean, people who left my church 7 years ago are still consumed with knowing my every move. Still telling everyone, "Just wait, he is going to leave Galesburg. Just watch and see."  Hello? I've been here almost 8 years now... get a clue. You said that God had showed you that I would not stay two years, but I'm still here. I have to question just what God you are listening to? But guess what? At some point, I will leave. It may be to take another church, it could be when I retire, or it might even be when I die. But at some point, I'll leave. That's a fact... so just keep on telling everyone your updated pathetic (I mean prophetic) "words from the Lord" and one day you can say, "I told you so!"

There is one particular person who is way over the top with their obsession of me. They are constantly into my business and snooping to see what they might discover. If this person cannot find anything new, they just make something up. I don't know why this person dislikes me.. and to completely honest I really don't care! But it makes me laugh when I think about how far this one will go to try to convince me that they have no problems with me, but  what they don't know is that I am constantly getting calls from or talk to others who tell me that this person said they hated me, or was gossiping about me..., how I thought that I was so big and hot but that God was going to crush me to teach me a thing or two, and on and on.  I'm like, "Do you not have ANYTHING in your life that is more important than trying to run me down?"  Get a life! 

OK... so the reason why I am bringing this  up is because of something that happened a couple of days ago. This is where my ornery streak kicked in.
I've noticed several times that this person will be parked, sitting in their car where they can see my house, just watching. I've never made a deal of it, other than to tell my family how pathetic this person's life must be. Well, the other day as I was driving through town, my cell phone rang. It just so happened that I was about a block away from this person's house, so I cruised on up the street and parked directly in front of their house while I talked on the phone. It was a pretty long conversation, probably 20-25 minutes, and I just sat there. (Yes, I know, I was provoking them. Sorry?  Nah!) I purposely never looked in the direction of their house, but I just knew I was being watched. I finally drove away, never once having looked at the house. So today, I get a message from someone who had been talking with the person whose house I was in front of, and they had been telling others that I was out in front of their house for more than an hour, but that I was afraid to come to the door. In fact, this person had prayed and God had sent angels to keep me from coming to the door. 
Really? lol 

All I can say is, how sad. 

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