19 March, 2012

Learn the Lesson There, and Then You Will Move On

In 1Kings 17, we read where God uses Elijah to prophecy that there would be no rain until he himself spoke the word that there would once again be rain. After Elijah spoke the Word of prophecy, God told him to go down to the Brook Cherith and hide himself there. God told Elijah you don’t even have to worry about what lies ahead because I have already taken care of it. Before Elijah had a clue what was going to happen God already made a way. He commanded the ravens to feed him. Ravens are birds that are known as the birds of both life and death. Raven is the root of ravenous which means greedy for food. The raven is a scavenger that does not discriminate between human or animal, it is known for eating the dead carcasses of both. It’s not a pretty bird to look at. There are not any colors that make it appealing to the eye. In fact, the bird can look evil.  Yet, this is what God had commanded to help Elijah. Don't miss the point here... God will take care of you. He has already commanded it. It may not come in the package that you think it should come, but God has commanded. He knows what we need and He has already set things into motion to provide for you. He has commanded!

What I'm trying to say is that there was a miracle that was waiting to happen. The stage had been set, the characters in place... but it was all waiting on Elijah. God commanded the ravens to feed him... but there was a place Elijah had to go... He had to go to Cherith. Elijah had to go to the place where God was going to do the miracle He said he was going to do. If Elijah would not have submitted himself he would not have received the miracle that was prepared for him. He had to go THERE. The ravens bought him food in the morning and in the evening. Again... don't miss this... God had commanded the Ravens... It was already done.
So God had already planned for and provided for the miracle... AT CHERITH. If Elijah had not submitted and gone to the place God had said for him to be...
He would have missed his miracle. It was only going to happen in that one, certain and specific place that God had commanded.

Do you know how many miracles are never received because someone failed to go to their "THERE"? That place where they are supposed to be. What if Elijah had refused to go to this lonely and isolated place? What if he did not want the "roadkill" that the ravens brought to him? Then the miracle would not have happened.  Too many times we want to dictate the how, when, where and what of the miracle, rather than submitting ourselves to God and allowing him to do in our lives what is needed.  This was a time of preparation for Elijah, teaching him total dependence upon the Lord. This prepared him for the coming stages of the miraculous that the Lord would do in and through Elijah. But if he had not gone to Cherith, and submitted himself to that time period of his life, he would have never gotten to Mount Carmel.

Interesting thing that I've recently noticed in studying this passage. Elijah was not constantly looking for another place to go! He gave himself completely, right where he was without looking for a better place to go. He knew this was the place God told him to be... And he was staying right there!

Some people are living under the cloud of God's blessing... and they recognize the blessing... BUT...
They are constantly looking to move on. They are constantly putting out feelers... hedging their bets and trying to get ahead in life or ministry. As a result, they are constantly miserable, and they are not reaping the full benefit of what God has for them, because of their restlessness! They have failed to recognize, until you learn to fully submit and learn the lesson in the "there" that God has them in now, there will never be the instruction and prompting of God to move on... because they've not yet learned the lesson and passed the test where they are now! They are constantly fidgeting and squirming and trying to make something happen for themselves, and they are so busy that they do not hear the voice of the Master telling them to "Sit!" God will tell you when to move. Until then... SIT! You are where you are for a reason and for a season... but your restlessness and strife is only prolonging your stay where you are!

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