03 March, 2012

If It's Important to You, You Will Find a Way

It the past 2 days I have had several people either comment to me or post on Facebook that with gas prices going up to $4 a gallon, they probably won't make it to church. Really? Is that all it takes for you to give up on going to church?
At the risk of offending people, let's take a look at this. One person told me this when I ran into them having lunch at a cost of about $8.00 per person. Another told me this when I ran into them in a local store... and we won't discuss all the things in their shopping cart that were "wants" not "needs".   One person called me to tell me that they did not know if they could make it because of the soaring price of gas. They were in the Quad Cities shopping when they called. I hope you are beginning to see the point. We do what is important to us... we make excuses otherwise. I am quite sure that the price of gas will make it more difficult for some to come to church; but I just caution us all to examine reality and ask ourselves how many things we do, places we go, on a whim and we don't really even consider the cost; and then turn around and use this excuse to stay home from church. One person said to me yesterday, "Pastor, when I wanted to drink or get high, I found the money. I think I can find the money for gas to get to church."  The difference? She WANTS to get to church. It is important to her.
So... is it important or not?

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