28 March, 2012

And So It Goes

Man, my blog yesterday just struck a nerve with some folks. I can't think of the last time something I wrote got people so angry! All I can say is that I was writing from the heart, and it was not directed at anyone. I wanted to respond here to something, because of things that others have sent me concerning my own church people. Several have made comments to me about my church folks being upset... and let me set the record straight... NOT ONE of my church people have responded to me in a negative way. All of the fall out has come from other people, including 2 pastors who "just know" that I was directing my thoughts at them. Seriously? Like I really know what is going on in your life and ministry? Come on.  All I can say is that if something I wrote has your feathers that ruffled, you may really need to take some time to examine your heart, because it could be that the Holy Spirit is trying to get your attention! I will not apologize for writing what I wrote... it is very accurate. If it "hits" you, and causes you to re-think... then that is great. But one last time... I was not referring to ANYONE in my article.

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