16 September, 2011

Running the Rat Race

Man, the rat race of life has been nuts recently. I know it gets that way for everyone at times, and I'm not whining... well, at least not too much. But right now, I miss my wife!
This week has been one that has pulled at both of us from every direction, and literally, except for sleeping in the same bed and a peck on the check while the other sleeps, we've simply not seen each other, for more than a couple of minutes for the entire week. 

It began with my being very sick on Sunday. After church and lunch, I came home and was feeling so bad I laid down, something I rarely do. next thing I knew, it was 4 hours later. Libby was still doing school work, but went to bed shortly there after. Monday, they held her for meetings and she did not return home until almost 6:30. We had a quick bite to eat, but she was exhausted after putting in more than 12 hours. Tuesday, she was buried in school work to prepare for parent teacher conferences the next day, so I hardly saw her. Wednesday, she left house before six,(which is usual) and after her conferences, it was after 9:00 by the time she returned home.  She came in and was in bed within a few minutes. Thursday, we passed each other on the Interstate as she drove home and I was driving to Peoria for a wedding rehearsal. We will do the same tonight as I go to the wedding. Early tomorrow morning she will leave for a Women's Conference... so in reality, the first time we will actually see and spend any time together will be Sunday morning as we go to the church for practice with the praise team at 8:30.  It has actually been so bad this week that she really had no idea how sick I was this week until someone in the church told her that I had to cancel church Wednesday night.  This is insane!
I told her on the phone yesterday on my way to Peoria that next week, we needed a date night. She agreed. The question is... when?!

(By the way, since you'll probably see this before I see you... I love you hon!)

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