24 August, 2011


Man, did I ever open a can of worm with my last blog entry. I've had phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages and posts, arguments on discussion boards and even and unsigned letter left for me in my mailbox that ripped me to shreds and telling me that it was time for me to find a new church to pastor because I am not wanted here anymore. (By the way, I think people who leave unsigned letters are spineless cowards and pay them no attention. I have quite a collection of them I've saved from over the years. lol)
And for the record... I'm not leaving. You may need to look for a new place if you are that unhappy.

Funny, I received literally dozens of messages and comments from pastors who agreed completely with my last blog, and several of them thanked me for writing what many of them really wanted to say.  I also received some pretty testy comments and emails from ministers who said that no true man of God would ever say such a thing. Some challenged my theological beliefs. Sorry, but I refuse to believe that we are nothing more than puppets on the stage of life and God dictates every decision we make. If he did, would we ever sin? To believe what you people are saying would make our God out to be some sort of monster, for you are implying that God willfully caused men to fly planes into the Twin Towers, or that he caused men like Wayne Gacy and Charles Manson to do the things they did. Your theology changes when it is not convenient for you.

I also had some one person accuse me of slandering my church people. I'm sorry, but I don't see how my saying that I was disappointed in the low attendance slandered anyone. I stated a fact. End of story. But people are funny like that. We talked about this tonight in Bible Study, how when Adam and Eve sinned, they tried to hid their sin, to cover up, and then played the blame game. Man is just like that.

I never expected the response this blog has generated. By far and away, I have received more feedback from this entry than anything else I've written in the last 6 years, when I started writing the Dawghowse. I really wish that all the responses where shared on here so everyone could read them. It would make for some interesting discussion. lol

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