03 August, 2011

Can You Give a Guy A Hand?

This morning I had a message from a friend suggesting that I enter this photo in a contest put on by American Eagle Outfitters. So, I entered it this morning and I have been UNBELIEVABLY surprised to find out how few of my friends will take 10-15 seconds to vote for me. Since putting it up, I voted, my friend who suggested it voted, my son voted and I know of 5 others... and of the hundreds of Facebook friends I have, in 4 hours I've managed to get 7 other people to vote. Even at this, I am already in 45th place, so if I could get just SOME of my friends to vote, it would springboard me to the top!  So I am asking you all, would you take a few seconds to click on the link at the end of this post, WAIT until the picture comes up (it does take it about 5-8 seconds, and then click on vote.  If some of you would help share the link with your friends, I could win this one easily, netting $3000 and possibly putting Ashley in a commercial.  How about it?

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