07 July, 2011

Happy Birthday Son

I am actually writing this the night before my son turns 21 because we are leaving early in the morning and I will not have time to do it then. It is killing me that on Daniel's birthday, my wife, Ashley and I will be leaving on vacation without him. He has to work. I guess that is a part of growing up, but it pains me that we are not only not taking him with us on vacation, but I am missing his 21st birthday. I guess this is yet another stage of transitioning in our lives... pointing to a time in the not too distant future where he will have his own life, apart from ours. I struggle with that. I still see my little boy... but I know he is now grown up... a man. And son, I want to take a second to tell you before everyone else, that I am so proud of you. You have grown up to be a man that any father would be proud of. And you are still only beginning. We may not be with you today in body, but we are in spirit. No matter where the road of life takes you, you will always be with us. 
I'll miss you this week son, but I am proud of you for doing what a mature man does in taking care of his responsibilities. Today, and every day, your dad loves you far more than you could ever imagine. Happy Birthday son.

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Daniel Z. Garrett said...

Thank you, Dad! I love you too (and already miss you)!