13 December, 2010

Show Me the Money!

A friend of mine who is also a pastor shared this outline for a sermon, in light of the many churches who either had to cancel services or were open and had very few show up to church. Some may be offended... but if they are, they need to ask themselves just who they are offended at. Truth is truth. The bills and obligations of the church go on every week, whether there is church or not, or whether they made it to church that week or not. Some miss week after week when winter rolls around, and they don't think it through, that if half the church is gone 2 or 3 weeks in a row, the church budget is devastated. I am convinced that this is where many find their "extra" cash for Christmas shopping.

Thanks to Jim Martin for the use of this message!


I. You say you're faithful to God? Show me the money.

II. You say that you trust God to provide? Show me the money.

III. You say you love this church? Show me the money.

IV. You say that you know that being part of a church entails responsibility on your part? Show me the money.

V. You say that you are a blood bought, Spirit filled, on your way to heaven Christian? Show me the money.

VI. You say that you're sorry you missed last Sunday, but the weather was bad? Show me the money.

VII. You say that you have as good a sense of humor as the next person and understand that your tithes are not like admission to the circus? Show me the money.

VIII. You say that utility bills, insurance, church payment, and YES, YOUR PASTOR'S SMALL SALARY are necessary things to keep the church functioning. Show me the money.

IX. Now as the ushers are coming to receive the offering, show me the money...better yet, show HIM the money.


Anonymous said...

I always tell my church, if the weather gets bad and we have to cancel service, the post office makes sure all of the bills just keep coming in. So if you can't make it, send your tithes. It's not like admission to the movies or the circus where if you don't "see the show" you don't have to pay. This is a faithful act of worship and obedience.
The only ones who could possibly get mad about this would be those who are disobedient.

Jim Martin

Darrell said...

Jim, one of the problems is the "out of sight, out of mind" mentality. They just don't think about the church unless they are there.