18 November, 2010

Time for the Po-Po to get their act together!

Galesburg, the town I live in, is growing more and more dangerous.... way too dangerous for a town the size of ours. Last night was yet another armed robbery. Four men entered a liquor store just after midnight, one carrying a rifle and at least one other a pistol, and robbed the store. A man working in the store was hit on the head  with the butt of the pistol. Another man was seen in the parking lot who ran off with these four after the robbery. OK... 5 men run down one of he busiest streets in our town, all in black, one carrying a rifle.. and no one saw a thing. Right.
Earlier this week, an employee at McDonald's was robbed as she left the building with the deposit for the store. She too was hit on the head with the butt of the pistol. Same general description of the robber.  In recent weeks and months, several stores, a laundry and individuals have been robbed at gun point, one of them in daylight in the parking lot of the mall.  To this point, only one of these robberies has been solved. I predict that as the holiday shopping ramps up, the robberies will as well.  
Yesterday there was a story in the paper of the rash of soda machine break-ins as well. Ironically, they are all in the same part of town. I wonder if the men in uniform have given any consideration to patrolling that area of town a little more heavily at night? If they had been, then they might have had a patrol car in the area of Henderson and Main where the liquor store was held up last night. My question is... where are the police? Why is it so hard to find one in this town when they are needed? I've often been out late at night, and usually you will NOT find a squad care on the south-west side of town unless they have been called there.  Being that the vast majority of these crimes have taken place on the south or south west side of town, it just MIGHT be a good idea to make their presence know at that end of town after dark.  Just a thought.

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NicoleSkysFamily said...

I completely agree with you! I was wondering the same exact things.