07 November, 2010

I Respect Him Now More Than Ever

While I can honestly say that I did not agree with everything George W. Bush did as President, and in fact I was adamantly opposed to some things he did or supported, I have to say that now, long after his tenure as President came to and end, news that recently came out caused my respect for him to go way up. It really bothers me that this new information has barely been reported my the media at all. In fact, I only heard it mentioned twice on Fox and no place else. After 2 weeks of hearing nothing else, I was beginning to think I had not actually heard this, but had dreamed it or imagined it.  Now, be patient, I'll get to the information in a minute, but first, let me tell you how I have come about writing this tonight. 

A little while ago, a 14 year old girl that I know posted a slam about George Bush on her Facebook page. It really ticked me off, because I realize that she was only parroting what her parents, or teachers, or others had said to her, because she would have only been 12 when Bush left office. The comments she made about his sending us into war against Iraq and Afghanistan for absolutely no reason... she would have been what, 5 years old when we entered these wars? I admit, I lashed out at her more harshly than I should have, but I am so tired of hearing the kids coming up ripping on Bush when all they know is the liberal crap that they have been force fed. I think this nation forgets how nearly everyone in this nation cheered and waved flags and held out our chests with pride when we first entered into Iraq. They have forgotten the joy we all had when those statues of Saddam came crashing down.  With time, people's minds began to change, and one of the biggest criticism's was... "there were no WMD's (weapons of mass destruction) found."  Right?

Well, now let me get to the news and tell you how to find it for yourself. If you've been paying attention over the last few months, there has been much controversy over a site called "WikiLeaks" that has released top secret information that they had gotten their hands on about the US Government, and the Iraq war in particular.  While I do not support what they have done at all, I was grateful to hear one piece of information... and here it is.  Weapons of Mass Destruction were found. Lots of them. I mean LOTS of them... from 2003 to 2008 and beyond, our military repeatedly found caches of chemical weapons, biological weapons, and all kinds of stuff that the public was never told about. Check it out for yourself.  Type these words into Google or another search engine and then check out what you find. "wikileaks shows iraq wmd"   You will be surprised. And if you are like me, your love and respect for George W. Bush will grow immensely.  
Because while the media, the critics, his political enemies, and the nation ripped and criticized President Bush, criticized our National Intelligence for having bad information, laughed at him and mocked him... this man of gigantic courage held his silence.  He could have silenced the laughter, the scorn and all the critics by ordering this information released. But he did not. He took the weight upon his broad shoulders. 
Because to release this information would have put soldiers lives at risk. To do so would have jeopardized the over all mission and risked the lives of citizen's of Iraq who help the military to find them, as well as our troops as well as troops from other nations.

Thats a man of integrity and a man who deserves honor.
That's George W. Bush... the one you will not see on MSNBC.

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