02 November, 2010

Get Out and Vote!

Today is a crucial day in America... I believe a pivotal day that will largely determine where we, as a nation will go.
The last two years we've seen our politician ram a healthcare bill down our throats that more than 60% of our nation said we did not want. We are seeing our liberties stripped from us, and watching as our sovereignty as a nation is being eroded.  Here locally we have a Congressman who has said that he does not worry about what the Constitution says, he cares about what the people say.  Hello? It is "the people" who are questioning you, Mr. Hare!  Hare also says that he is sick and tired of hearing people say that America is in debt and that we cannot spend... and he insists that we can and will spend.  People, let's send Phil Hare home!  We also have yet another tax that they are trying to add to us here in Galesburg, and they have already told us that they want to add to the gasoline tax after the election, and they have told us that property taxes WILL go up on average of 4% each and every year. It's time to send them a message! 

I could go on and on with what I want to see done... but more than anything... I want to see people get out and vote! Most of my readers are outside of our county... and I am asking you to go vote. But to those of you who live in Knox County... I'm pleading with you... GO VOTE!  If today's election holds true with most of the elections that I've seen in the 6 and a half years that I have lived here, voter turnout has been very low. In fact, in Sunday's paper, they were saying that they expected a higher turnout than usual, and were hoping to approach a 40% voter turnout.  Really? We can get excited about 4 out of 10 registered voters who actually get off their lazy duff and vote? That's just pitiful! No wonder we've had tax increase after tax increase, and stupid decision after stupid decision. No one cares!

I read in the comments section every single day the whining and complaining of people who say they are sick of the tax and spend policies of this city.  I say that if you don't vote, then you need to shut up!  I'm challenging people of Galesburg and Knox County... get out and vote. Call your family and friends and encourage... no, DEMAND that they get out and vote.  Let's do something radical around here... stop talking about it, and DO something about it!

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