24 October, 2010

The Simple Joys of Youth

 So, this evening I'm driving back into town after a photo shoot and I spot these kids having the time of their lives. I circled a block and came back to hopefully take a couple of pictures of them, and as I started to get out of the van, they started to get on their bikes and run off. I hollared at them and told them that it was ok, to come back and play, and asked them if it would be ok to take their pictures while they played. One of them told me that they were afraid I was the owner of the land and was going to run them off. I had to laugh, remembering many times doing similar things back when I was their age. Any way, they graciously consented for me to intrude on their fun, and I snapped a few pictures of them. I really enjoyed watching them, and as I said, it took me back in time, to a more simple time. Something tells me their moms may not be quite so happy with them when they got home tonight, but I'm glad that there are still kids out there just being kids and enjoying life. I gave them the address for this site and told them to look it up. If you guys are peepin' in, thanks again for allowing me a minute of your time and for sharing your fun with the old guy!


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