07 October, 2010

It's the Blood!

I was recently walking through the Menards store and came to the section of Halloween costumes. They had an unusually large selection of costumes centered on Vampires. If you have not noticed, one of the things that is running rampant with our teens and young people today is the fixation on Vampires. In fact I just recently saw that this was the number one draw in the age bracket from the age of 12 to 25… which is the area that is being targeted in marketing. Because our young folks in this world are drawn and literally fixated on Vampires. The entertainment folks are especially trying to make movies and books on vampires. Some of the top rated… or top selling movies and books are the Twilight series… which if you’ve been living in a hole… are on vampires.

Why do you think that is happening?
I believe it is happening because the enemy knows that there is something valuable and important about blood.
In fact, in the book of Leviticus, the Bible tells us that “life is in the blood.”

The enemy of our souls is quite cunning. In the last few decades, churches and denominations have de-emphasized the blood, because they have not wanted to offend anyone. The Methodist's removed every reverence to blood from their hymnals. We don't teach and preach on the blood, because we don't want to seem freakish or gory. But the Bible clearly teaches that without the blood, there is no remission of sin. It is the blood that cleanses us and sets us free.  So, as the church is taking the focus off of the blood, the enemy comes charging in with a counterfeit... vampires. Isn't it interesting, the parallels that are drawn? The power is in the blood. The life is in the blood. Without blood, death is imminent. And teens and young people are eating it up. And the church has shied away from this vital truth! 

We've got to get back to the preaching of the blood!


NicoleSkysFamily said...

I hope you don't think that I'm really rude or anything for "challenging" what you say...But why does everything have to have some underlying meaning to it? Haven't Vampires been a huge craze every Halloween? I guess more so now because of the Twilight series....Which I get what you're trying to connect the blood/enemy attack/vampire thing, but I don't understand WHY you are trying to connect all of these things together. What does a craze about fictional beings have to do with the "enemy"

Darrell said...

Nicole, if you would look around you and pay attention, teens and young adults are taking this beyond the "fictional" and trying to BECOME vampires. Your argument basically proves something I have been saying. Those who have been raised in the church have been lulled to sleep, into a place of complacency to where it simply does not matter to them any more.
You are free to believe what you want to Nic, but this is absolutely an assault on the blood of Christ. It parallels the life in the blood completely. Your argument "fictional" sounds strikingly like those in the church who sat by and watched prayer be taken from school, bible reading removed from the schools, those who said, "live and let live" and judge not. I stand by my statements.

NicoleSkysFamily said...

Those who said, "live and let live" and let/helped the Bible & Prayer be taken out of public schools in my OP are hypocrites because if someone wants to pray or read their Bible in school that's them living the way they choose...Am I right? But I don't think it has anything to do with what I am trying to understand.

My point is you can't become a vampire! No matter how hard anyone tries to become a "living" dead blood sucking monster, it simply isn't going to happen.

Are you using this connection with vampires more or less as a metaphor or you think it's being used as an 'attack' in metaphor?

Like I said, I'm trying to understand what you are saying. Why you (and others?) think there is some connection?

Darrell said...

Nic, everything (and the only thing) Satan has is deception. Become a real, sleep in a casket, live forever vampire? No. But people believe and and are practicing becoming "vampires." Open your eyes to the world outside of Knox County. (altough I can show it to you here as well!)
Look at a couple of links

And there are THOUSANDS of more sites.
This is real Nicole.

Even for those who have not bought into it in the literal sense, the storyline behind all this is to take the power away from the life giving power of the blood of Christ.

There is an old saying, "there is none so blind as he who will not see."

NicoleSkysFamily said...

I get your point now, Mom also explained it to me a bit the connection that you were explaining.

Wether I believe it or not doesn't really matter.

On a side note though, I looked around at these websites and it seems some are confused with being a vampire and being a witch or a psychopath, lol.