18 July, 2010

Poetic Justice

You may recall that back on July 8 I posted about somebody having shot the hawk that lived in our yard the day before. I never have found out who did it, although I sure have my suspicions. The hawk had been in our yard for more than a year and a half, and I loved having it here. It was just cool to watch it fly around, especially when it would just spread it's wings and glide from the top of a tree to a puddle in the driveway. This one had the most beautiful blue tint to the underside of his wings and on the tips of his feathers on top of his wings. I was really sad, and really angry when I found him dead in my yard. I thought about how sad it was that we'd never see something like a hawk living in the middle of town again. 

I was wrong.

Today when we came home from church, Daniel had come home before us, and when we got here, is car was stopped just inside the entrance of the drive way and he was out in the yard, obviously trying to sneak up on something. He told me he was trying to get into the house quietly to get my camera. Then he pointed, and not only was there one, but two young hawks at the back of our yard.  We went in to get the camera, but before I could get back out to snap a picture, they had flown up into our neighbors tree. I was able to get a couple of shots, but they are a bit fuzzy as they were way up in the tree and across the yard. I used a zoom lens, but I could not get a good shot due to the shade and the distance. These guys are more brown that the previous hawk, but they are young and their colors could very well change. I'm just glad they have come back and I think it is just poetic justice that someone killed one, and now we have two.  Way cool, God!

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