31 July, 2010

Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

I've not posted for awhile, as I've been attending the General Assembly of the Church of God in Orlando, Florida and simply have not had time to sit and write anything. The Assembly concluded last night, and this morning as I've been having breakfast and waiting for my daughter to get ready to shoot some pictures of her, I've been thinking over this past week. There has been much accomplished this week, and I am grateful for that. Yet at the same time, I am deeply troubled at some of what has transpired this week. One of the issues that we discussed was hotly debated, and there was some very rude and demeaning comments made about women by some of my fellow ministers. I'm not writing to rehash the debate, for the issue was defeated and at least for now, that is a mute point. But it really bothers me... it honestly hurts, to know that there are men out there who are charged to preach this Gospel of Christ to all people, yet they have such a condescending, disrespectful view of women. It it not about whether or not they agree that a woman should be allowed to attain the highest rank in our denomination, or if they should be allowed to sit on the Church and Pastor's Council; to treat a woman, or any human being with such disregard and crudeness is just mind boggling to me. I found myself sitting with a friend this week who commented to me that he wondered if these men would like to cover their wives with a veil and dress them in the manner of the Islamic faith. A bit extreme, but he was not so far off base. For a man to stand before thousands, and God only knows how many more on the Internet, and speak of what the "allows my wife" to do and then humiliate her with the statements he made... again, I'm just bewildered. After some of this debate, and listening to some of the women voice their pain... I wanted to just weep. I've found myself on a roller coaster of emotions this week, varying from sad, to angry, and many others places... and I've had a hard time letting it go. Then as I was eating my breakfast and praying today, I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking peace into my heart and reminding me that he has called me to do one thing... glorify Jesus Christ in my life. I cannot "fix" the world. I'm going home to preach the Gospel, and love the people of my part of the world the best that I know how. I'm sure that many others, from both sides of the debate have been troubled this week. I simply pray that we all remember to keep the main thing the main thing... lifting up and exalt the Name of Jesus Christ.

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