07 May, 2010

I AM Blessed!

I've been preaching a series now for several weeks about "Living Under the Blessing" and I cannot speak for anyone else my church, but I can tell you that the Holy Spirit is changing something in me, causing me to have a whole new understanding of what it means to be blessed. Even in times of trial... times of pain, even in times of lack... I am still the blessed of God and my circumstance or situation is not permanent, I'm just in a state of transition! Just like Joseph in the book of Genesis, we sometimes must go through seasons where we are in the pit or prisons of life, but if we remain faithful, there is nothing that can stop me from rising up out of that and having the manifest blessings of God come through. That is, there is nothing but ME that can stop that blessing. I can give in to self pity, moaning and groaning and living a life filled with doubt, and I will be stuck right where I am. But if I learn to serve God where I am, no matter what my circumstances appear to be, God will cause me to rise to the top, just like the cream does in the fresh milk.
We, the children of God are the cream of the crop!

I am blessed! I am blessed!
Every day that I live I am blessed!
When I wake up in the morning, til I lay my head in rest
I am blessed! I am blessed!

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