28 April, 2010

Calling All Coffee Lovers!

Our church has partnered with Just Love Coffee and we now have an online coffee store. All of our proceeds from this adventure will be going to our missions projects and we will keep you updated at time goes on as to how we are able to be a blessing to these projects. (We will rotate who the proceeds go to so that all of them are blessed.)

I've tried the coffee, as have a couple of my members and the coffee is very good. In fact, since I've been drinking it, my trips to the local coffee house have been cut by probably about 85% or more. The prices are very comparable to our local coffee house (Innkeepers) and I believe they are lower than Starbucks. They ship by Priority Mail, so you receive your coffee in a couple of days.

I would appreciate you giving it a try... and remember, 100% of what we receive on this will go to our missions projects.

To visit our store, please click on this link: Harvest Church Coffee

Thanks so much for your support!

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