02 March, 2010

Will We Be Ready Next Time?

I've only shared this with a (very) few people around me, but for several months now I have felt something in my spirit so powerfully that I have no doubt about it whatsoever. Up until now, I have never felt a release from God to speak of it in a public forum; but today, I have felt a release to share it. I know some will call me a fanatic, some will call me crazy, but I feel I must obey the Lord, and he and I together are big enough to deal with that. I just know I have to speak it. Those that will receive it, then receive it.

There is not a lot of distinct detail in what I have seen/felt, but what I have seen is that in the near future there is coming a cataclysmic event on American soil that will shake America to it's core. I don't know if this event is a natural disaster or a terrorist attack, only that it will be huge, resulting in massive destruction and the death toll will be large. When this event takes place, people will cry out to God and the masses will return to churches across America. What I feel God has been saying to me is that the last time (9-11) the church was caught unprepared and was not able to effectively communicate the gospel to those that came. God is calling the church to ready herself, to be prepared to help turn a nation back to Jehovah God. I believe that this event will lead to the greatest revival ever to sweep North America, but many churches will be caught unprepared.

Will you ready yourself? Will you ready your church?
Will we be ready when God needs us?


Anonymous said...

Benny Hinn spoke a word on TBN earlier this week stating the very same thing...we need prepare ourselves!

Darrell said...

Interesting. Someone else contacted me telling me that they heard Mark Chironna say something very similar this past week.

Anonymous said...

They both were on TBN this past week during the sharathon I believe.