19 March, 2010

The Un-United States of America?

If you've been watching the news and keeping up with world events, you know that Greece is exploding with rioting and violence over the economic woes of that country. The people have just had it. Spain is right on the brink of an economic melt down as well... and I believe our nation teeters right there with them. In my opinion, this health care bill which allows the government to take over not only health care but also all student loans, could be the catalyst to push this country to protests and rioting at a level not seen since the 60's. In fact, I think the protests will be more wide spread than the protests of the 60's. It could in fact push this nation to the breaking point and we see a dividing of the United States as state after state tries to Secede from the Union. Don't laugh, I really believe it could come to that, AND I even believe it could come to another war within this country as the government tries to prevent States from Seceding. Yes, I am serious.

People have often asked me the questions where the United States was Biblically in end-time events. Could it be that the United States will cease to exist? I'm not saying this is how it will be, only that it could be. I am just wondering out loud. I do believe we will see rioting in the streets and cities on fire. I do believe we are getting ready to walk into a dark period of our nations history. And more than ever, I believe that we are on the brink of the return of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

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Jerry Thorpe said...

It is amazing how far these people are willing to go to force this down our throats. A bill only approved by the House and not the Senate? If they pass it that way, I hope the Supreme court will step in and question it's constitutionality. If not, you may be right.