16 March, 2010

Is THIS Transparency?

Anybody remember when Barack Obama pledged to run the most open and transparent government in history? If you happen to have a fuzzy memory, you can go to the White House website and read for your self what President Obama has to say about and open and transparent government. http://www.whitehouse.gov/the_press_office/transparencyandopengovernment/ We've all heard the re-runs of his numerous promises to have the health care debates televised on CSPAN. Sounded good... but it just did not happen. No wonder with the shady backroom deals that have come to light. Now comes the news released today that is just staggering. The record now shows that for the first fiscal year of Obama's Presidency, there were 17 government agencies that refused to release information by claiming legal exemptions a record 466,872 times. That is an increase of nearly 50 percent over the previous year (George W. Bushes final year in office.)
Something is direly wrong with this picture. Has anyone noticed how many times Mr. Obama says one thing, but when the facts come out, the opposite is true? Where I come from, that is called lying. It seems that just maybe Congressman Joe Wilson's outburst last September was on the mark after all.

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