05 February, 2010

Only In Illinois

Illinois has long been known for it's own unique brand of politics. Corrupt and disgraceful describes it well. Let the legacy continue. For those who do not know, here in Illinois Governors and Lt. Governors are elected separately. This week in our State's primary the Democrats nominated Scott Lee Cohen, a pawnbroker and cleaning supply distributor. He is the latest "darling boy" who came out of no where to win this nomination. But who is Scott Lee Cohen? It's not really hard to find out some interesting (disturbing) facts about him. I did a simple Google search and I came up with the following information. I wonder why voters did not do the same?

According to a report in the Chicago Daily Herald, Cohen was arrested in 2005 and charged with domestic battery against his 24 year old girlfriend. The woman alleged that Cohen put a knife to her throat and pushed her head against the wall. A little more digging and I found that in the police arrest report, dated October 14, 2005, they detailed a complaint from the 24-year-old woman. They (the Chicago police) noted they observed “mild abrasions from knife wound” on her neck and “minor scars on her hand from her trying to defend herself against the arrestee swinging the knife at her.” That arrest report states that the woman was treated by ambulance personnel but not taken to a hospital. In the typical Chicago politics way of doing things, the charges were ultimately dropped though because the woman failed to show up in court becasue she was in jail for prostitution. Current Illinois Governor, Pat Quinn, who despite taking Illinois to the brink of bankruptcy was voted by Dem's to be their nominee for Governor in the fall election has already suggested that Cohen step aside and let someone else run on the ticket this fall. Cohen has flatly rejected that notion and has stated he intends to see this thing through. One of the things that I found almost laughable is that in an interview this week on "Chicago Tonight" on WTTW-TV channel 11, Cohen disputes the police report and claims that he never touched his ex-girlfriend. He stated, "I raised my voice, she raised her voice and the next thing I know she's calling the police." It gets worse. At that time (2005) Cohen was in the process of a divorce, in which his wife testified that he was physically abusive and wrote threatening messages in lipstick on her mirror and had on several occasions attempted to force her to have sex. That's attempted rape folks!

Again, Chicago politics prevail. His now ex-wife appeared in this interview with him and said, "I am here to support him if I can." She was asked about the statements in the divorce proceedings and she re-affirmed those statements as being true, but stated, "That was who he was then. That is not who he is now." In defense of himself and his actions in 2005, Cohen stated in this interview that he was abusing steroids at that time. Yep... this guy has been voted by Illinois Democrats to be their nominee for Lt. Governor. But what can you expect from a State like Illinois. Currently, one Illinois Governor is sitting in prison. Another is on his way. Go back just a few years and you will find another Illinois Governor who went to prison.

It's just politics as usual for this State.

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